Welcome to my Lunar and GNU/Linux related server!
linux Kernel-related files.
movies Linux-related documentaries.
RFC Request For Comment.
/usr/share/doc Documentation copied from my laptop.
docs Publicly accessible documentation PDFs.
chars.html Special character codes to put in HTML pages.
include System C/C++ header files.
moonbase local Lunar modules repo.
    (Official moonbase hosted @ https://github.com/lunar-linux
iso Lunar installation images, to burn on USB/DVD or use with virtualization.
Note: daily iso @ https://lunar-linux.org/lunar/testing/daily/
Daily iso generated by an official dev: https://lunar.lart.ca
updated-list.txt: list of dates at which modules have been last updated.
lmc Lunar install cache tarballs.
lmc-aarch64 Lunar install cache tarballs. (ARM/aarch64)
lmc-x86 Lunar install cache tarballs. (i686)
qemu images of Lunar.
codybot My bot section.
code Code I wrote.
paste A pastebin service I wrote